Life Hijacked, Take It Back! Look Inward, Move Forwad back book cover by Laura Stonitsch

Have you ever felt out of control? Have you felt like you are stuck and don’t know how to get back on track? In this conversational and action-oriented book, Laura Stonitsch presents ways to reflect and take action so that you can take your life back! We all go through life hijacks that take us by surprise. You don’t have to live hijacked, taken hostage or a slave to any situation. You can overcome and live life to the fullest no matter what you are facing. You don’t have to live feeling like a failure: a recipe for disaster. By working through uncertainty, grief, suffering, understanding perseverance, character and hope you can come out an overcomer!


In Life Hijacked, Take It Back: Look Inward, Move Forward you will find:


  • It proves that you don’t have to stay down when life knocks you down or takes you by surprise.


  • It gives you practical advice and hope that you can get through life hijacks, good or bad.


  • It provides reflection questions to help you get real with yourself and what’s holding you back from taking your life back


  • It will empower you to be an overcomer and equip you to help others overcome


Life Hijacked, Take It Back: Look Inward, Move Forward, equips readers with tools needed to process difficult situations that leave them stuck. It turns desperate people into leaders. It encourages everyone to not settle but be the best they can be!


This book will help you unlock your potential and give you the keys to be successful in taking your life back!be able to recognize them for what they are and move forward, taking the lessons learned from those events without being held captive and in bondage to them! Enjoy reading and learning how to take your life back, grow, be encouraged, and empowered!

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Read my current testimony. I believe it will inspire, encourage and empower you to keep going. This poem is in the beginning of my book and provides you with background on my training ground on how I worked through trials and learned how to take my life back! 

Once the course is created to supplement the book, you can find it on this page. 

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