Uncertainty, a weighty word indeed. It is hard to live with uncertainty but it’s one thing we can be certain about, that there will be uncertainty.

I’ve been going through a healing journey for awhile, but the current chapter began 9/21/18 when I was T-boned by an F150. I haven’t been able to work and the uncertainty of what lies ahead is difficult to sit with day in and day out.

One thing I’ve learned is the more you dwell, ruminate about circumstances the more you will increase you anxiety and depression. Certainly staying away from rumination is easier said then done!

I’ve been struggling some in this area. The one thing I know is that if I can be mindful of the present, be thankful and practice positive coping strategies rather than sitting in a cycle that will lead me to a pit of depression I’d rather practices those strategies and stay out of the pit!

Some things that help me are:

-talking with friends, playing guitar, listening to music, reading the Bible, praying, gratitude list, watching sports, tv show, going to church, walking, biking, hiking, nature, writing poetry, journaling. These are just a few ideas to help you think of ways you might cope when uncertainty tries to take over your thoughts and you need something to do.

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