What is your life like on a day to day basis? Are you thriving? Are you excited to wake up each day or are you tired and dreading another day? Are you stressed out all the time and wonder if you will ever get back to enjoying one moment at a time? Are you living fully alive or barely surviving? These questions may run through your mind and leave you pondering whether or not your life will ever be fulfilling once again. The answer to that question is it can but it may take some work.

Life can take a toll for the worse at any moment. How we respond to it influences our choices going forward. Our environment and resources influence our decisions as well. However, we have a choice to let it overcome us or we can choose to overcome the adversity that comes our way. It is all about a mindset. A mindset of defeat or one of overcoming. A mindset of destruction or one of rebuilding. If you are reading this you have a choice on how you are going to approach the difficulties of life.

I don’t understand why life is hard, but I understand that if we concede to it and wallow in our pain and suffering we do not live up to our potential. Trials come and go. They afflict everyone at some point. What you learn from the trials is what is important. Choose to have a mindset of growth, determination, and take the stance of an overcomer.

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