Growing pains

Pain is hard, tears we’ve cried. I’ve asked God many times why. Though I don’t get an answer I start to grow. He begins to lift me up out of the low. Once in a pit all around was dark. Then Jesus came in and I could see marks. Scars on his body and marks on the walls from people once there until they realized they’re called! Jesus is the light that helped them out. Jesus I surrender I don’t want to pout. Life is hard, but you conquered the grave. You are with me always because I am saved. Guide my steps every day and keep on my tongue things you want to say. Let me be a light, a bringer of hope to a world that is hurting and just trying to cope. Show us what it is to live with life, instead of feeling like we’re stabbed by knives. Joy come and fill our hearts. May the church arise and do her part. Love one another, encourage and pray. I believe together the world we can change!

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