It’s been really hard lately. I decided to write. I hope it helps someone else.

My heart is heavy, I feel the weight of all the years I’ve been in wait. I thought I had patience but tested again. I sit here wondering if and when. I’m not trying to toil with questions unanswered Many people are tormented with cancers My burdens are heavy but light to the Lord He never tires, he’s never bored I come to him often with a heart that is torn I ask him to mend it for I am worn I don’t understand why pain won’t leave I want to feel better, Lord I am grieved I want to love, to serve and encourage Right now Lord I am discouraged I know I am loved, I know you are my hope It’s just been hard to live and cope You are my provider, my help in trouble You pursue and continue to remove all the rubble Lord I’m doing my best, I know you see Thank you for choosing to love me Help me to rest, be my strength day and night Lord I will stand, but I need you to fight You defeated the grave, the enemy won’t win Jesus your blood was shed for our sins Lord I pray for freedom and to actually feel Like my heart, mind and body are actually healed.

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