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Life Hijacked, Take It Back! 

Look Inward, Move Forward

Life Hijacked, Take It Back! Look Inward, Move Forwad book cover by Laura Stonitsch

Life surprises us all and leaves us asking questions. How am I going to get through this? Will I ever be able to get my life back on track and is it possible to actually thrive? The truth is YES! You can get through your trials. You can overcome "life's hijacks" and come out stronger on the other side equipped with more tools to handle the next time life hijacks you. Just be willing to take a journey and invest time into yourself, into equipping yourself. There will be bumps along the way. You will fall down and you can get back up.. It's your choice to take the journey to freedom and live your life once again!

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I have always loved helping people, enjoyed cultures and languages, and wanted to find a way to combine many of my interests: writing, poetry, speaking, empowering, coaching, listening, problem solving, inspiring and overall helping people grow.

My Testimonial

I grew up going to church each Sunday. Learning Bible stories and how to pray. Sports were something I loved to do. Then when I was eleven I had injuries too. I broke my leg playing soccer one day, and a week later I fell down the steps at church on Mother’s Day. With a broken arm and leg, I was in a wheel chair. Wherever I went people would stare. 

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